Traffic Multiplier Demo

Avada is the #1 Best Selling WordPress Theme in the World.

Fusion Builder is our visual drag & drop plugin, free with Avada.

Welcome to the new Fusion Builder! It’s now easier than ever before to create dynamic page layouts using Fusion Builder, as well as saving and loading any page layout, container or element into a page. We’ve also drastically improved it’s backend capabilities, which means it’s load time is faster and more efficient. Below you’ll find useful and helpful links to learn more about the Fusion Builder’s new features and functionalities.

The new Fusion Builder has now been made into it’s own plugin. This allows maximum flexibility and compatibility when building your pages.

Saving and loading templates have never been easier! With the new Fusion Builder Library, all your custom templates are only a click away.

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Original Youtube video here: Traffic Multiplier Demo

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