Top Rated Chiropractor Clayton NC


At Janice Cruz Chiropractic we practice a variety of Chiropractic techniques to remove and correct subluxations. Dr. Cruz is committed to helping families in the community experience improved health and vitality and her gentle approach of educating her patients on how to manage stress, sustain and maintain physical and mental performance and prevent injury in the workplace and at home is unique.

From the Greek “to do by hand”, chiropractic aims to eliminate the cause of your problem, not just mask the symptoms. Chiropractors, use spinal manipulation to revitalize the body’s own natural healing process. The chiropractic approach to better health is to locate and remove interferences (subluxations, misaligned vertebrae) to your nervous system. With improved spinal function, there is improved nervous system function. A healthy spine and a healthy lifestyle are your keys to optimal health!

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