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It’s hard enough to stick to a diet. But when faced with an annual visit to your family of origin, it’s very easy to fall off the wagon. Your normal routines are gone, you tell yourself you are on vacation,

Are you competent and in control generally but can’t seem to control your weight? Have you tried various diets and lost weight, only to regain it all back? Here are six reasons many women get stuck losing weight. Do any

I recently read in Nutrition Action, a monthly newsletter about an interesting weight loss study, that suggested when you eat may be more important than how much.  The Israeli study involved 74 overweight or obese people who had metabolic syndrome,

It is evening at your house and time to relax, so you settle yourself down into your most comfy armchair, to watch your favourite TV program. Your hand is deep in a large bag of chips, and you happily scrunch

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