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One common problem that most of the men experience is having premature ejaculation. Since adolescence, when men usually do their thing in the bathroom or under the covers, they tend to train their bodies to ejaculate fast or prematurely before someone caught them masturbating. As it was carried out until their adulthood, they experience problems when they are making out with their partners. One of the complaints that usually come up while having sexual intercourse is the dissatisfaction of the partner because the guy is having problems with premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation, sometimes called premature climax, is a condition wherein a man experiences ejaculation earlier before his sex partner achieves satisfaction or orgasm, and it becomes one of the common complaints that affect men most of the time. It is common in younger males who are about to start sexual activity and most men of all ages who haven’t had sex for a long period.

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