Programming Mobile Applications

Native Mobile Applications for News web sites powered by WordPress

• Four different native applications will be developed: Ipad, Iphone, Android
Mobile and Android Tablet PC.
• All applications will work in synchronization with WordPress (Web Content
Management systems) of
• The theme and initial graphic&design of the applications will be discussed and
decided after mutual meetings and conversations
• Applications support Push Notification Technology for IOS so that Flash news,
scheduled promotions or any content can be sent any reader individually
• It will support location based services and content can be dynamically selected
according to user location by installing proper plugging on WordPress
• The menu of the language apps will be in Russian.
• Video and news upload will be possible.
• It will support for the readers to post the comments to Platform.
• Applications will have all social media sharing support as long as it exist the
appropriate SDK framework.
• Picture gallery and Video gallery will be available in the App.
• Advertisement provider plugin so that advertisement can be displayed according
to agreement between mobile advertisement provider.
• Detail new font size could be changed by application.

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