MKX PS4 Living Tower With Predator

We’re getting to the end of my Mortal Kombat character list, and here I’ll cover all the characters I missed in previous installments! This one is kind of picture-heavy since I talk a bit more about visual choices, so keep that in mind when you click the link.

Ferra/Torr: Ferra/Torr is actually two characters treated like one character. Ferra is a little girl-like creature that sits on top of Torr, a large, smashy creature. Ferra is portrayed by Tara Strong and in one fight opening I witnessed called Kitana a “Girly Girl.” It’s adorable.

The combination of evil and cute is so particularly effective on me that I have a hard time actually playing as Ferra/Torr. I’m too busy screaming with delight at the little things they do. Like when Torr knocks someone down, then grabs Ferra by the hand to lead her back a few paces for the start of the next round. Or when Ferra/Torr wins a match, and Ferra grabs onto Torr’s head and shakes it like one would a loyal mutt, saying, “Good boy!” When I can stop squealing for five seconds they are a pretty effective character.

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