Irish Whiskey Brands Best

I am not a big blend drinker. I got started on single-malt Scotch and that has irrevocably spoiled me for anything distilled. That being said, some days the proverbial moths in the wallet might induce one to cut back on the single-malt budget and go in for something a little cheaper. Furthermore, sometimes one might receive a visitor from out of town, and after one waxes poetic for 20 minutes about the delights of single-malt Scotch, this visitor may have the gall to ask for a whisky-and-soda… on ICE.

The simple truth is that inexpensive blends make up some 90% of the Scotch market (and an even larger percent of the Irish whiskey market). While there are certainly some fine blends, definitely even a few that are better than your average single-malt, in general blends are popular because they are easy to drink, mix well, and are above all cheap. Today I explore two of the biggest names in blended Irish whiskey: Jameson and Powers Gold Label. Both are less than $20 US per 750ml bottle and are widely available in the US.

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