Educator E-collar Remote Dog Trainer Overview

With the Board and Train programs, your dog will stay with me and my family for whatever amount of time that you choose. Your dog will live with us as a family pet, and not be put into a stressful facility with dozens of dogs. Your dog will be treated as if he or she is our own, and most know what kind of life our dogs live. Your dogs will receive several training sessions throughout the day with me as well as plenty of structured play time and at least one nightly walk throughout your dogs stay. Your dog will most likely be the only one staying with us, since I usually only take one at a time. When your dog is done with my program, I will then meet with you, the owner, for three private sessions to show you how to not only maintain what was learned, but to actually continue the process. The first private session will be at the time that you pickup your dog. I can guarantee that there is no place anywhere else that can treat your dog better. My reputation will back that. While your dog is here, there will be no yelling, no screaming, and no harsh tactics. Your dog will enjoy their stay. I promise.

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Original Youtube video here: Educator E-collar Remote Dog Trainer Overview

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