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Photography Tricks Using Camera Flash

Dark Flash Photography

To be presented at SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans.

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Dilip Krishnan Rob Fergus

Vision, Learning and Graphics Group

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Ways To Prepare A Pictorial Work

When you reach the next level in photography, life can get a bit complicated. Adding new cameras, lighting, lenses, models – these are all things that will change how you work in the studio or on location. But, what if you could add one thing to your photography setup that could actually simplify your life? That’s what a tethered workflow can do.

Tethered photography is not just a service you can provide to a client – it’s also something you can do for yourself. You can immediately see changes in your work, pay attention to the smaller details on a larger screen, and so much more. So let’s quickly review how a tethered photography workflow can help you improve your photography and your client experience.

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Property For Sale North Dublin

Sunrise of Dublin  •  4175 Stone Ridge Lane, Dublin Ohio 45017  •  66,300 sq. ft. 

Sunrise of Dublin Senior Living

About Sunrise: Sunrise of Dublin, Ohio offers residents the comfort and freedom of a maintenance-free lifestyle in an enriching, safe
and nurturing envioronment.

Address: 4175 Stoneridge Lane, Dublin, Ohio 43017

Project Type: 3 Story Assisted Living and Memory Care

Number of Units: 80 Apartments

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Foundation Repair Austin TX Pera & Beam Service


pier & beam foundation is one of the most common types of foundations in Austin’s older homes.  Pier & beam foundations are under houses raised off of the ground using beams, joists, & under structure supports. Frequently, a grade beam is also used for a crawl space. The crawl space is for allowing access to plumbing & wiring. The foundation is constructed of wooden beams supported by wooden joists, concrete pad, & blocks.

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Mobile Welding Contractors In Raleigh, NC

Fiddly Welds

When it comes to welding services, naturally you want only the most experienced and dependable. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We at Fiddly Welds are the go-to providers of welding services for clients all across Brisbane. Whether you’re in the northside or the southside and looking for aluminium or other welding services, get in touch today!

Whether it’s aluminium, stainless steel or other types of metals, no request is too complicated for our professionals to handle. Fiddly Welds offers repair and maintenance as well as fabrication services. Hand rails, hockey goals and trailers for speed boats and dogs — we are well-equipped to handle everything. We also have expertise in automotive welding, for when you need parts fabricated or repaired. To see some of our previous work, see our fabrication & repairs or automotive galleries.

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Easy Ways To Photo Editing

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Editing or Deleting an Image Gallery is much like editing or deleting an image. After clicking on an Image Gallery that has been inserted into your Page or Post, two icons will appear on top of the gallery. Clicking the Edit button (Edit image gallery) allows you to edit the image gallery properties. Clicking the Remove button (Delete image gallery) will delete the image gallery from your content. It will only remove the image gallery from your Page or Post, it will not delete any images from your Media Library.

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Waterproof Wireless Keyboard Touchpad

Mouse Pad

Our “Mouse Pad” Sheet Rubber combines a low static polyester fabric with open cell sponge rubber to produce an excellent tracking surface for a computer mouse. This material is also used in applications such as shock absorption and cushioning where the added protection of a finished surface is desirable.
Roll size: 1/4″ x 54″ x 25 yds.
Stock colors: Black, Gray, Red, Blue over Black, Green

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Public Photography Dos And Donts

Bandstand, Public Gardens, Shanghai, 22 June 1911, by F. Mattos, source: private collection

This photograph appeared in a 1911 issue of the monthly magazine Social Shanghai, and shows the Bund-side Public Gardens crowded with Chinese visitors. The date is that of the coronation of King George V, and the original caption reads:

A Memorable Occasion

The Chinese were allowed to enter the Public Gardens for the first and only time.

Why did the journal print this photograph? It had a novelty value, certainly, for as many of this blog’s readers will know, and as the caption suggests, Chinese — excepting servants tending foreign children — were barred from using the public parks in the International Settlement at Shanghai. The rules were in fact quite blunt: regulation no.5 stated ‘No Chinese are admitted, except servants in attendance upon foreigners’ (a later, rephrased, iteration of these rules can be below). The racist exclusion of Chinese from the settlement parks, which lasted until June 1928, has been the subject of myth and fury since around the time this photograph was taken, and was the subject of a 1995 article I co-authored with Jeffrey Wasserstrom (someone has posted the PDF online here). For, in 1914, a story started circulating that the signboards stated things more baldly: ‘Chinese and Dogs not admitted’.

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Foundation Company Austin TX Professional

foundation repair

foundation repairSigns of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems often appear on the exterior of a building in the form of cracks in mortar or bricks. On the interior, these problems show up as sticking doors or cracking sheetrock.

Why fix your foundation problems?

Foundation cracks in your house are not only unsightly, but are signs of serious structural damage. Hydro-Guard’s team of professionals can evaluate your home’s foundation and offer solutions to not only correct the problem, but offer other benefits such as:

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Buy Kenmore Refrigerator Parts For Frigidaire

Is your refrigerator not cooling? Is your ice maker or refrigerator light no longer working?

Refrigerator RepairWhatever your refrigerator problem, we can help.  We offer a prompt, competitive and reliable service you can count on!

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