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The following interview is with David McRaney, creator of the WordPress.com blog You Are Not So Smart, and author of the recently published You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, Why Your Memory Is Mostly Fiction, and 46 Other Ways You’re Deluding Yourself.

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How To Win My Wife Back


It happened around 4 p.m. during a disturbance involving 16 inmates at a housing unit in the Turney Center Industrial Complex in Only, Tenne…

The 49-year-old appeals court judge from Colorado is being sworn in Monday after a bruising fight that saw Republicans change the rules for …


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Police in Georgia are looking for former Atlanta Braves player Otis Nixon, who disappeared over the weekend.

It was Norris’ 20th straight start where he’s allowed three runs or less. That’s the longest running streak in the major leagues, one better…

The Bachman Bernard Family is proud to present the Daily Pledge from our local schools.

Davis Garrison III from Preservation Financial Group discusses the work of one of his favorite resources, Tom Henga, and how his findings re…

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How To Get Him Back

I had same problem. This is how I resolved.

Open your web page and view code using inspect element (Firefox). On the left side of bottom window, there is a menu just in the left of menu. It says: “pick an element from the page” when you scroll your pointer on it. Click on it, and it should turn to blue. Then, select the block containing your WordPress and Hostmarks ads. For my case the code was something like:

The very first line

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How To Get A Man Back

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If you watched the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ this season, you saw the drama that Kenya had with her (now ex) boyfriend but she just had to get a restraining order on him. See why…

TMZ.com says Kenya filed for the restraining order against Matt because “she’s had to dodge up to 30 phone calls a day” from him! She also claimed that Matt threatened her last week. We’re glad that she’s taking steps to keep him away from her.

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Retirement Plans For Millennials

16 Millennials To Watch In 2016

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Hypnosis Stories

There are many definitions of Hypnosis.  I’ve provided several under the Hypnosis FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.  In context for NewGrowth Healing and Hypnosis, Hypnosis provides very powerful and flexible tools to help you take control of your life.

NewGrowth Healing and Hypnosis offers Hypnotic Tools tailored to your specific needs and where you are at this particular moment.

Many people ask, does Hypnosis work?  Yes

There are many variables that effect the outcome of Hypnosis.  The success or failure of Hypnosis depends on both the practitioner and the client. The client must be ready for change and committed to the process.  The practitioner and client must be the right match.  Matching the client with the right practitioner is not a science as much as an art.  Some clients could work with pretty much any hypnotist using direct suggestions and get results while many other clients need a hypnotist who has a large bag of tools and can tune into the clients need, personality, and history.

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