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In three-month time, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will become applicable to many, if not all, data processing activities to which living individuals can be associated. Businesses operating in Europe have had about two years to prepare for this change. As readers know, even if the GDPR is a lengthy piece of legislation, additional interpretative guidance is very much welcome to create and aid understanding about the ‘links’ between key concepts arising across the different pieces of the legislative ‘jigsaw’. The influential EU Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (Art. 29 WP) has therefore been working hard these past few months to give context to some of the most important GDPR requirements: e.g. by publishing guidelines on issues such as data protection impact assessment, data protection officers, the right to data portability, automated individual decision-making and profiling, personal data breach notification, consent, and transparency.

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Access Bars Southampton Access Bars Southampton

The Hobbit Pub

Live music, real ales, hobbit cocktails, massive garden and atmosphere. Come see for yourself, you'll love it!

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Lose Weight Safely With Red Tea Detox The Best Weight Loss Tea You Haven’t Tried

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What Is Metformin

Cooperative job alert!
We are currently accepting applications until Thursday, September 28th for two current job openings: Pharmacy Technician and Retail Sales Worker. If you desire working in an upbeat, fast-paced cooperative located in the heart of Downtown Madison we would love to hear from you!

Pharmacy Technician:

This position requires the ability to coordinate efficiently with both pharmacists and technicians while providing excellent customer service. Applicants must have previous technician experience, be detail oriented, and excel at communicating and receiving direction.


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Breville Bes870xl Espresso Maker Overview

Breville is one of the top-notch espresso machine brands in the market.  We prepared a list of similarities and differences between the two popular models as Breville BES870XL vs. BES920XL below.

Breville BES870XL vs. BES920XL Espresso Machine Comparison

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Red Tea Detox Book

Strategies for Wellbeing

It’s hard enough to stick to a diet. But when faced with an annual visit to your family of origin, it’s very easy to fall off the wagon. Your normal routines are gone, you tell yourself you are on vacation,

Are you competent and in control generally but can’t seem to control your weight? Have you tried various diets and lost weight, only to regain it all back? Here are six reasons many women get stuck losing weight. Do any

I recently read in Nutrition Action, a monthly newsletter about an interesting weight loss study, that suggested when you eat may be more important than how much.  The Israeli study involved 74 overweight or obese people who had metabolic syndrome,

It is evening at your house and time to relax, so you settle yourself down into your most comfy armchair, to watch your favourite TV program. Your hand is deep in a large bag of chips, and you happily scrunch

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews

The hip flexor and one of the quadriceps can often become stiff or tight from sitting for prolonged periods as they are often in the shortened position if we sit “extended.” Reducing the stiffness of the hip flexor can also unload the joints of the lower back

This exercise has two components – we are first targeting the Hip flexor then moving toward the quads. To perform this exercise place the foam roller on your hip flexor and roll along the belly as shown in the GIF. Use your hands and opposite knee to control the movement up and down the muscle belly. Start from the pelvis and roll down towards the knee. Be aware you are rolling along the midline of your thigh/pelvis

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Lashart Classic Eyelash Extension Kit Review

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A customer and a salon plan to press charges on one another after an argument that apparently got physical inside the store.

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Where To Get Vitamin Infusion Therapy

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Think of a vitamin IV drip as a shotgun approach to a nutrient fix when you feel like you’re slip slidin’ away, stressed, or fatigued. Hitting the drip has become a convenient therapy for fast, dramatic results to improve mood, or to help remedy chronic poor health and acute diseases.

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Looking For Information On Integrative Cancer Treatments

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What are Cancer Action Councils (CACs)?

Cancer Actions Councils (CACs) are groups made up of community members and representatives from community-based organizations who apply their knowledge about local cancer issues to improving the lives of cancer patients, survivors, and care givers in their communities. CAC members are actively engaged in their communities and are working to create healthier neighborhoods.  CAC members will be identified and recruited through June 2016. CAC meetings will begin in July 2016.

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