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Learn More About What The Function Of Cell Receptors Is

Often touted as a “miracle therapy” for certain cancers, CAR-T treatment has created a lot of buzz in the immuno-oncology field. There are over a hundred CAR-T clinical trials open in the U.S. and the first commercial CAR-T could possibly be approved by the end of this year. Initially, the advent of the therapy in 2012 had some warranted safety concerns. The technology is inherently aggressive and can become unruly if not it’s not properly monitored. For this reason, the first clinical trials of CAR-T created damaging side effects and in some cases the therapy was associated with patient deaths. However, therapy design has been revamped over the past five years and researchers are finding ways to dampen the level of toxicity the therapy produces. Despite the risks associated with CAR-T, clinical trials have shown to be effective at treating the targeted cancer. Recently, clinical trials have shown remissions rates of up to 94% and as a result the therapy has attracted millions of dollars from investors. Although the technology is not perfect, there is optimism in the field that CAR-T can radically improve cancer patient care.

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Learn More About Whether Cancer Is The End Of The Road

Farmers and ranchers are at greater risk of developing skin cancer than the average American because they are exposed to 2-3 times as much UV radiation as indoor workers.  Protect your skin by using broad spectrum sunscreen, wearing sunglasses, long sleeve shirt and pants, and a wide brim hat.  Also be aware that some medications can increase your sensitivity to the sun.

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Learn More About How The Pineal Gland Functions

The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

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Seeking Information On Why Bacteria Is A Huge Positive

If you’re prone to giggling about the human body, prepare yourself. Today’s guest is Dr. Amy Karlsson, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Maryland. (Go Terps!) Learn about her work in protein engineering as we delve into the world of e. coli and yeast. Oh, and be sure to stick […]

Here’s a little Sunday post to liven up your morning. Biological physicist Eshel Ben-Jacob uses his petri-dish bacteria as the basis for some beautiful artwork. Leonardo da Vinci would be proud.

Episode 45: Insta-Cart(ilage)

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Searching For Info On Being Exposed To EMF’s

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homeo-pic-8How to protect yourself and address EMF exposure

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Seeking Info On What Causes Cancer?

Research Innovation and Clinical Excellence

Welcome to the Duke Consortium for Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)!

As part of our goal to facilitate collaborations in IBC research and outreach efforts, the consortium is holding this introductory/brainstorming meeting to bring together basic, translational, and clinical researchers, practicing physicians, patients, advocates, and community stakeholders. We expect ideas and partnerships from this program to assist us in developing a strategic plan framework to translate research into action and for creating patient and clinician/practitioner education and dissemination tools to increase IBC awareness in North Carolina, which we have termed “Connect NC for IBC”.

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Red Tea Detox Recipe

Is your current weight loss diet so disappointing?

Are you looking for a diet that can help you lose weight more successfully?

I have been through your situation. Today, I would give you a true look on Red Tea Detox.

Through Red Tea Detox, you are given an easy way of only drinking red tea with balanced diet schedule. As a result, you can get more energetic and maintain your fit body shape.

It is my favorite diet plan since it helps me lose 5lbs in 2 weeks. (Frankly, this result may vary based on your type of body, but you know, it’s more than enough!)

Fruits like berries cannot only help reduce fever as those are best fruits for fever. They can also be the best ingredients for detox plan, significantly our detox plan today.

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Red Tea Detox To Lose Weight

Coconut Oil And Detox For Boosting Your Energy As I age, I’ve been more and more concerned with keeping my metabolism highly efficient, and keeping my energy peaked. Of course, exercise and diet are the key ways to do this, but more particularly, there are a few practices that I’ve found which have really helped to enhance my metabolism and enhance my energy levels naturally.

Coconut oil is piled high with the sort of fuel the metabolism loves. The medium chain triglycerides which are abundant in coconut oil can be employed by the body for quick fuel and for a pleasant boost to the overall metabolism. The body prefers to burn medium chain triglycerides rather than store them, and because of this, you’ll regularly find them as an ingredient in many protein powders.

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Where To Find Info On How To Alleviate Tooth Pain

Matthew Wimmer Dental

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Is the taste of ice cream or a sip of hot coffee sometimes a painful experience for you? Does brushing or flossing make you wince occasionally? If so, you may have sensitive teeth.

Possible causes include:

In healthy teeth, a layer of enamel protects the crowns of your teeth—the part above the gum line. Under the gum line a layer called cementum protects the tooth root. Underneath both the enamel and the cementum is dentin.

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Learn Why Our Natural Instincts Have Disappeared

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MOLINE – “You lose it all everybody put everything you got into lifting this car up for this little girl,” said Trish Lang, lift car off girl.

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