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Looking For Information On Apricot Seeds And Cancer


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by · April 26, 2016


Apricot seeds are the smallest kernel enclosed within the wood-like pit at the center of the apricot fruit.
The innermost layers form the large, woody compressed stone that contains at its very center, the kernel, or seeds. When pressed, nearly half of this kernel gives forth an oil very chemically similar to the oil found in sweet almond and peach kernels. This oil contains olein, glyceride of linoleic acid, and a transparent, crystalline chemical compound, amygdalin, or laetrile. This compound is also known as vitamin B17. The oil is chemically indistinguishable from oil of bitter almond. Although the oil from apricot seeds usually breaks down into a toxic substance capable of causing death within the human body, there are also varieties of apricot seeds that are reported to be edible.

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Diaper Hypnosis

Some days, I think I am the luckiest chick in the world.

For many reasons, and of course all the obvious ones apply (good job, awesome hubby, stinkin cute kids).
But I am also blessed because, thanks to The MomSquad, I get to meet some pretty awesome people.

The day I met Jennifer Mergen Miller from Vibe Hypnosis, I knew she would be one of those people. I liked her immediately. She sparkles, she shines, and she has the Best.Laugh.Ever.

Plus, she’s fastinating as heck. Bonus!

So needless to say I was tickled PINK when she agreed to take a break from her busy schedule to do a little “mini interview” for the Lakes Area Mom Squad.

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The Best Paleo Diet Book: PaleoHacks Cookbook Review


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If you know me, you know I’m not big on the calorie-counting and tracking mania of the rest of the diet world.  I prefer to let people figure out their health intuitively, eating whole, healthful foods that make them feel good.   But in some circumstances I actually…

Oh sweet potato, oh sweet potato, how much I love thee! Okay, so this isn’t going to be an actual ode to sweet potatoes. But this week I’ve been craving sweet potatoes LIKE MAD and I’m just getting ’em in any way I can.  So I thought I’d share my favorite sweet potato…

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Hausmittel Gegen Hämoriden

haemorrhoidenHämorriden (auch Haemorrhoiden)

Vergrößerte bzw. abgesunkene Hämorriden (alte Rechtschreibung: Hämorrhoiden oder auch Haemorrhoiden) verursachen ein lästiges Jucken, Brennen oder Bluten am Gesäß und im schlimmsten Fall starke Schmerzen beim Stuhlgang.

Vorbeugend helfen eine ballaststoffreiche Ernährung und eine gründliche Analhygiene. Das sogenannte Hämorridal-Geflecht ist ein stark durchblutetes Gewebepolster. Dieses Venenkissen im Analkanal ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Verschlussmechanismus.

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Looking For More Information On Where Does Inflammation Come From


Uppgifter om bröllopet har varit en viktig del av bröllopet. Enkel och elegant design i kombination med främre spets carving, ta en vacker fantastisk visuellt, för att gifta sig som huggen ur konst som utsökta bländande Bröllopsklänningar.

Maarten Braspenning
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Need To Learn More About The Sugar Intake And Cancer Consequence

Senator Jeanne Lucas

Every year in North Carolina approximately 5,500 women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Although the number of new cases remains high, advances in research are leading to improvements in both incidence rates and long-term survival,with nearly 90% of women living 5 or more years after diagnosis, and 80% living 10 or more. The Carolina Breast Cancer Study (CBCS) examines the causes of breast cancer in black and white women.

Begun in 1993, the study is conducted by the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and is also affiliated with the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  It is funded in part by the University Cancer Research Fund and the National Cancer Institute‘s Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in breast cancer.

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Famous Water Infusion Recipes

Whether you have just completed another successful round of Insanity or Zumba, ate something way too spicy, or simply cause it’s ‘hot’ outside, there is nothing that quenches your thirst and re-hydrates your body and soul, quite like water.

I know, I know. I hear people say it all the time ‘water is boring’. So I am here to motivate YOU to drink more water with an easy formula for making your own quick, simple, and healthy infused water with endless possibilities.

My first taste of flavored or infused water was at Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami. They had an array of flavors in huge glass jars in the pool area to keep hotel guests hydrated, of course with compliments of the hotel. It caught my eye not only cause I was thirsty but they looked like beautiful art worthy of center pieces. The next opportunity I had to create them was at my husband’s birthday party that involved private Zumba lesson by the talented Ms. Vanessa of RythmX studios here in Orlando and an exclusive wine tasting for our guests. You get the picture right? Workout and wine, yes we do need fluids. I decided to create a big batch of cucumber water and rest is history, as we say. Now for every party we have, I always create a batch, constantly experimenting with unique flavors.

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High Protein Foods List For Weight Loss Now

Summary: Eat to lose weight? Why not? Check out this list of more than 10 fat burning foods you should be eating today for weight loss!


Have you ever wondered if there are certain foods that you can eat that will shed off pounds to your body? Is it a too-good-to-be-true? Well, the irony is, there are. You can literally eat these foods and lose more weight.


These foods have a high thermogenic effect, meaning you can literally eat them and spike your metabolism. These “fat-burning” foods also help you lose more weight by eliminating toxins inside the body, thus, promoting a healthier digestion and optimal function of the organs.

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Steps Not To Eating Too Much

The holiday season can be a time full of family and friends, and a time abundant with sweet treats. Over-indulgence is common during this time of year, but there is a way to enjoy the holidays, including the food, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating is not an all-or-nothing lifestyle; you can enjoy the season in moderation without feeling like you need to give up until January.

During the holidays, there are many opportunities to indulge in a special treat, and it’s good to appreciate that part of the season, but it doesn’t mean you have to overeat. To help set yourself up for success this year, try to follow some of these practices:

If you’ll be bringing a dish, make it a healthy choice that you can enjoy, other people will appreciate a healthy option as well!

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Azucar Añadido En Alimentos

En primer lugar, siiiiiiiiiiiento tantos meses de espera, pero me traigo entre manos un proyecto bastante chulo que ya os contaré…Todo a su tiempo.

El dicho referido al placer que nos pueden producir pequeñas cosas, eventos, situaciones…,tomado de manera literal, no creo que sea acertado. Desde el punto de vista de los sentidos, el sabor dulce, provoca en nosotros bienestar, pero si ese “azúcar” no lo obtenemos de las fuentes adecuadas, o lo consumimos en exceso, puede tener sobre nosotros efectos muy perjudiciales desde el punto de vista fisiológico y nutricional.

Vamos paso a paso.

La OMS (Organización Mundial de la Salud) ha establecido que el consumo máximo de azúcar al día por persona debe ser de 10 gramos. Muchos estudios demuestran que para que el azúcar no sea perjudicial deberíamos reducir esta cantidad a la mitad.

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