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Commission Shortcut Review

When I recently returned to the free version of WordPress after a long absence, I was shocked to see how much the editor had changed. I had started a business blog several years ago before I could self-host WordPress. I discovered that for some reason I was getting new subscribers, so I returned to write a new post for them.  The new “improved” editor was very frustrating.

It’s apparently designed for those trying to blog from mobile devices, but it’s agony for those of us on desktops. What’s worse is that you can’t easily find a way to write new posts in the old Classic Editor. The new dashboard associated with the new editor is also confusing — especially if you also have self-hosted blogs tied into JetPack.

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RankFlux Plugin

Matteo Duò Matteo Duò

The “Behind-The-Scenes” Guide To Working With An SEO Expert On Your WordPress Website

Vidvamp Software Review

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Backlink Machine 2.0 Plugin

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Over the years, the landscape of digital marketing for business has been massively improved.  Because of productivity in business solutions, the most significant and widely adapted online marketing strategy is SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

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