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Diesel Repair Service Garner, North Carolina


Unable to get your truck to the shop? Not a problem. We have medium and heavy duty tow trucks and a landoll to get your vehicle in for repair. Or we can come on site with our fully equipped mobile mechanic service truck.

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Searching For What Tire Wear Patterns Are

images (2)1. Check tire pressures and adjust at least once a month.

According to studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on tire-related crashes, the leading cause of tire failure is underinflation.

Underinflation can have many causes, including a gradual loss of pressure through membranes in the tire itself. It is typical for pressure to drop approximately 1 psi per month and 1 psi for each 8-degree loss in ambient temperature.

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See How To Charge A Car Battery

There are many benefits of buying an electric car (or EV).

Automakers are investing in electric cars for a variety of reasons, including consumer demand, meeting new fuel-economy requirements, and zero-emissions mandates. Automakers have also found that some buyers want cars that express their social consciousness by symbolizing their reluctance to contribute to importing oil from unstable, unsympathetic regimes, anger over recent gasoline price spikes, and outrage over oil spills. In light of the success of the Toyota Prius with these buyers, electric cars and plug-in hybrids are a logical next step.

Electric cars are up to three times as efficient as gasoline-powered cars. That’s primarily because electric motors are 90-percent efficient at converting energy into motion, compared to 30 to 40 percent for conventional cars and hybrids. 

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Honda Brakes Bleed

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Diagram of Brake Pads

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2009-2010 Rear Master Cylinder Rebuild

Honda CRF450r

Engine 125cc
Air cooled,single cylinder,4 stroke
Ignition & spark plug model: CDI, A7TC
Disc: hydraulic F/R disc brake
Front/Rear tires: 14″/12″ tires
Color: Black, Red
Aluminium muffler
High performance upside down 42/48mm front fork
Alloy die casting triple clamp
Alloy fuel tank cap
Heavy duty wheel,racing hubs and spokes
Heavy duty chain adjuster
Heavy duty strong golden chain
Adjustable gear shift
Seat height: 78cm

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2-stroke Reed Valve

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1997 -2001 Honda Cr250 Rear Caliper Service






If you drive a Japanese car or a Volvo, Jensen’s should be YOUR foreign auto repair shop in San Jose.  We do not service American or German makes of cars.

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Original Youtube video here: 1997 -2001 Honda Cr250 Rear Caliper Service