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VidBox Software


Welcome to the Video For Business course!

Don’t be put off by the inclusion of the word business – it just means that this is a video production and video marketing course designed to help you make money with the skills and expertise that you’ll learn. Yes, that might be through effectively marketing your business, but it can also mean this course sets you on a new career path.

Video for Business is not a niche course, instead it covers the day to day requirements of a professional video producer and online marketer. You’ll learn about the online video landscape, the details of pre-production, how to shoot and edit professional video, the methods available to get your videos seen, ranked, clicked on and shared and finally, how to measure your results and your successes.

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RankModo Review

WordPress is and remains the gold standard in website design. Because of our command of SEO, our clients benefit from our strategy in internet rankings and online exposure.  With our experience with WordPress, our clients’ design goals evolve into personalized websites built to convert. Dream it and we can build it. Help us learn about your business and your website goals.  Set up a free consultation with our digital analyst by Booking an Appointment now.

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MaxDrive Review


November 8, 2012

The Perils of Using WordPress as a Hotel Website Content Management System (CMS)

By Max Starkov and Jaan Paljasma

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SniperProfixPro Demo

Get a free blogging template when you request a reminder
about this upcoming book from author Lynn Serafinn

Discover how to make your world-changing message go global with this new book from Lynn Serafinn. Learn the same strategies she uses with her own marketing clients, and the methods that brought the 7 Graces blog to one million page views per month in just a year’s time.

You’ll learn:

To receive a reminder when this book comes out, just enter your name and email in the form below. As a ‘thank you’ gift for requesting a reminder, you’ll get instant access to an exclusive, free 5-page PDF revealing the exact same blogging template we use with our clients and we teach to participants on the ethical marketing training courses at the 7 Graces Project.

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Snip Ranker Demo

The #1 Selling WordPress Theme Of All Time.

Fusion Builder is our visual drag & drop plugin, free with Avada.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the art and science of improving the position of your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). When it comes to search engine optimization, the end goal is that your website will be search engine friendly, ranked highly within the most popular search engines, and found by more people.

This increased search engine visibility will ultimately attract more visitors to your website, who will then hopefully purchase more of your products, take advantage of your services, become a client, or simply enjoy more of your content.

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Siphon Reloaded Software

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Sell Photos, Prints & Artwork

If you can upload it into WordPress, you can sell it. Sell photos, videos, pdf’s, etc.

Sell prints and ship to your customers. Control every print like a true artist.

Create monthly or yearly subscription plans for your customers and earn recurring sales.

Hear it straight from our amazingly talented customers:

Graph Paper Press has beautiful templates and impressive customer service and support. #realtalk @graphpaperpress

I love that I can create portfolios to highlight all the different aspects of what I do. The site allows me to easily integrate SEO tools which I use religiously to get the best reach possible.

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InstaZign Review

The average mta360 dealer is ranked on Google for over

70% of which are FIRST PAGE results

Our turn-key solutions are all designed with one goal in mind: generating leads.
Get in touch with our internet marketing experts to learn how you can build your business through targeted and effective online advertising.
We have packages built for businesses of all sizes in any size market.

The Internet is your #1 opportunity for lead generation.

Today’s consumers go to Google when they’re looking for a HVAC professional. The mta360TM search engine optimization (SEO) team puts your website on the first page for valuable keywords. Our average SEO client sees a lower cost per lead than can be achieved with PPC, phonebooks, newspapers, TV, or virtually any other type of advertising.

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Voicematic Software


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Guaranteed increase of your website sales




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PPC Campaigns


Responsive Ads


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Social Media Optimization




Online Reputation Management

Analyzing negative materials about your brand and addressing them with sentiment analysis and press release distribution.

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WP Profit Links Review

Feel free to look around

Feel free to look around

Customers nowadays interact with brands on all platforms. Every platform serves a different purpose because that is the way they have been designed. This is the reason why omnichannel marketing is emerging as a popular trend. Omnichannel is about offering a seamless experience and unified message across all channels, online or offline for your customers. […]

Social media strategy is a digital approach of creating a business goal and track it for its success. Before determining any social media strategy one should analyse goals, engage with the audience and optimize the results. The Internet has changed the way we live, think and buy. Since the advent of the Internet, most of […]

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SEO Intel Commander Review


Complete Online Digital Marketing Tool

Our Effort : 8 Hour       I         Read time : 10 Min

Oh! When you are new to website design & development, one thing comes first, “How to remove wordpress title from footer?” particularly if you are using Twenty seventeen theme.

Lets start to remove footer credits “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from theme with wekme digital marketing. 

We found many methods to remove same, but we explain most efficient way to get rid of footer links. Also explain right and wrong ways of removing footer credits with its consequences.

First, we will understand what is our goal?  Goal setting

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