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Ecommerce Rules

How to build a profitable ecommerce store

So, you’re just ramping up your ecommerce stores Facebook business page or your page is already well-established – what’s next in your ecommerce social marketing strategy? Facebook offers various options to drive more traffic to your Facebook page, and consequently, to your website. Two options that are common and many small businesses to large corporations use are Facebook ads and sponsored stories. Both are viable and inexpensive options if you are looking to drive traffic to your ecommerce store.

You’ve likely heard that “social ads” are the future of advertising, and they are certainly on the rise. With Facebook ads, you have the opportunity to approach exactly the target group you want. Because Facebook users fill in information about themselves, including their basic demographic information and interests, you can be specific when deciding which audience to buy Facebook ads for. Facebook also incorporates users’ search inquiries into ads. For example, if someone was searching for cabernet wine glasses on Google, related ads will be displayed in that person’s Facebook ads column. Continue reading What to Know About Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories

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Video Backdrops Pro Customer Review

Make Your Videos Look Awesome with 100's Pro Backdrops

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XMails Software

Musings on modern email campaigns.

Marketers are stressed, and email marketing initiatives are one of the contributing factors. According to research conducted…

Personalization is essential to optimizing your email marketing results. Consumers don’t just want personalized experiences and messages…

There are three critical parts to successful email marketing today that the savviest marketers understand and use…

There was a time not so long ago when marketers sent bulk email campaigns that used the…

Marketers spend an average of 3.9 hours in the review and approval process for every email message…

Have you heard about BIMI? It stands for Branded Indicators for Message Identification, and marketers have been…

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Wp Seo Gold Software Overview

Yoast helps you to get the most out of your website by making SEO available for everyone. You might know our Yoast SEO plugin; with over 7.5 million active installs, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins worldwide.

At Yoast, we believe in holistic SEO: not just one aspect of a website, but all aspects are important and should, therefore, be as good as possible. We don’t approach SEO as a trick to rank higher in Google but stimulate site owners to make their site the best possible search result. All awesome websites have three things in common: they’re easy to use, contain the right information, and they’re fast and reliable. If you do all that right, a website becomes easier to find as well!

Our products help people create remarkable sites. We offer plugins that make optimizing websites as easy as pie. Our other products, like online courses and eBooks , help customers improve their sites. Last but not least, by contributing to loads of open source projects, like WordPress, we try to make the web better for everyone.

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In a competitive world like the one that exists today, it is becoming increasingly important to make use of specialized tools and resources available through the internet. Establishing a strong presence online while simultaneously achieving planned goals is something most modern businesses are failing to do. Advancements in technologies can help you expand your business but identifying the right kind of tools for the type of goal you want to accomplish, is a decision you must make.

If you are looking to go that extra mile to make it to the top, taking your business online is the first step. A Content Management System (CMS) is essential for developing any kind of website or online platform for content. WordPress is a type of blogging platform but also enables you to create a pre-built website. Along with that, it gives you a chance to focus more on the parts of websites such as content, marketing over the internet, search engine optimization, etc. In the new day and age, the most popular and sought-after tool for website development is the WordPress CMS. About 30% of all global websites are developed through and powered by WordPress.

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AudioFlow Review

Arts Marketing specialists



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In my last post I addressed the overall definition of digital marketing and some of the ways companies use it to promote their brand and communicate with other businesses. This time, I’ll drill down into the “why” — the big reasons for making digital marketing an integral part of your brand and marketing strategy as a whole.

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Funnel247 Demo

I recently received this comment from poster Frustrated.  And it rang so true that I decided to track the writer down.

Frustrated is Marc Reisner of Reisner Construction in northern Michigan. He has moved around a bit; Colorado, Seattle and finally landed in Port Sanilac, MI. Turns out he had relatives from the Olean area so we had a long talk. He wants nothing more than to move out of home construction and into making custom furniture full time.

He thought he could do that with internet marketing. But the lack of knowledge opens up small businesses to this sort of problem that he writes about. They are vulnerable  while thinking that they are missing something that the cold caller is promising to deliver.

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Buy Fan Automater Customer Review

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’d know we’re big fans using tools that’ll save us time or effort, however small it may be. After all, computers are the best at doing manual, repetitive work and doing it much better than humans would do.

OS X has a lot of little tools and utilities to help us save time and one of my favorite tools for automating any kind of workflow is Automator. We’ve written about this earlier and we’re back with another nifty trick up Automator’s sleeves.

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TXT Video Software


Is Social Media a new gimmick that will be over next month?

The answer to that is no.. Promoting your business has moved on to a new marketing format – Facebook , Twitter and blogging are here to stay. Twitter not only allows you to freely promote your business but is also the fastest growing search engine. Twitter not only comes with a link to your business but usually a referral – good or bad!

Does the thought of Social Media Networking fill you with dread?

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