Brain Training For Dogs Customer Review

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Foundation is a term that appears many different places in nose work. You will hear it from your instructor when you start training; it will appear in groups and online forums talking about troubleshooting; and, if you are competing, you’ll hear from certifying officials and judges. Typically it is used in reference to your dog’s foundation training, although there are foundation skills for handlers, too–we’ll talk about those another time.

What is foundation training? You can think of a foundation in nose work much like the foundation of a house: the essential building blocks upon which the structure is going to rest. In nose work, the “structure” we are trying to build is a strong and productive search dog. If we try and put a roof and siding on a house before there is a solid framework and foundation to hold it, we run the risk of the whole thing falling in around our ears. Similarly, without a strong foundation in our nose work dogs, we are likely to encounter major problems later on in training.

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