Bonus Software Videos

Ok, so let’s get onto the interesting part.  The BONUSES that I’m going to be offering to you when you grab a copy of the new SEO Zen plugin via my link.

Please watch the following videos to see the software that I’m going to offering you as a bonus when you invest in SEO Zen.

Keyword Digger Pro

Keyword Digger Pro is a unique keyword research software that finds great keywords that you can target and also allows you to analyze the level of competition for each keyword.  On top of that it will also instantly gather a ton of contest suchas articles, Youtube videos, questions and answers, and even Amazon products that you can use to monetize your content with.

This software is currently selling on my site for $47 and when you buy SEO Zen via my link you will get this software for FREE.

Keyword Ripper Pro

Keyword Ripper Pro is my latest software and hasn’t even been released yet.  This software approaches keyword research in a different way to Keyword Digger Pro.  This software literally rips thousands of “real” keywords and terms from your competitors websites.  Keywords that are being used by them to bring traffic into thei sites.

You can simply rips thousands of keywords and quickly sort and filter them down into smaller segmented lists.

Answer Analyzer

If you write content for your blogs then this software is a MUST.  Simply enter a keyword or “question” into the software and it will return a ton of content from Yahoo Answers.  Yahoo answers is a hugely untapped source for content research making this software a content writers DREAM.