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A new lower back pain study by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reveals fewer episodes of disabling lower back pain for patients under chiropractic care, suggesting chiropractic is superior to physical therapy care.

spineI found this new study very interesting. For one, this is a study done by a medical journal, not a Chiropractic journal so any agenda or swaying of the results is not likely. Plus, this is a large sample size, almost a thousand people contributed. What the study says in a nutshell is that when patients with low back pain were tracked for a YEAR, patients that utilized physical therapy and/or medical interventions were associated with a higher recurrence of disability as opposed to patients that underwent Chiropractic care. In fact, the patients were TWICE as likely to end up disabled with a physical therapist (PT) and almost 2/3rds more likely to be disabled when partaking in traditional medical interventions.

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