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Social Signals and their Impact on Google Rankings

In this article we are going to talk about social signals, what they are and why they are important.  Social signals are certainly becoming increasingly important. They are generated every time someone likes or shares a web page on any social network, with the total number of fans or followers serving as an amplifier. Social signals are like digital word-of-mouth; when people share, talk about or endorse something on social media, they are telling their network that it is trustworthy and worth their time.

Definitely Social Signals are essential ingredients of Internet Marketing and how to build our presence here I think cant be better explained by anyone except you. They are also considered a ranking factor with search engines such as Google.  I mean social signals are not created or introduced by google, it is created by users, a natural phenomena is when somebody calls your name somewhere in a group of people or a gathering, he is actually mentioning you, means more people know your name now. Social signals are becoming among the most important factors to consider when improving the search engine visibility of websites.

Social signals are emerging as ranking factors as search engines determine how to leverage our social interaction and behavior. According to the general definition, social signals are communicative and informative signals that directly or indirectly provide information through social interactions, social emotions, social behavior, and social relationships. As a result of this it is easy for the likes of Google to use these interactions to gauge how popular or good a piece of content is.  While social signals are playing a bigger role in ranking, remember there are over 200 other factors that Google takes into consideration so it’s important not just to rely on social signals alone.

Social signals can help drive visitors to your site (both from organic search and via the networks themselves). Facebook shares is one example where people share your content or link on their timeline.  When it comes to Facebook shares versus Facebook likes on your status, it is generally agreed that Facebook shares are more valuable. Facebook shares are perceived to be positive responses, and thus considered as electronic word of mouth.

Losing Your Belly Fat to Get Six Pack Abs

six pack absLosing belly fat or getting six pack abs is no easy task and there are many variables involved.  Where you gain fat and how easy it is to lose belly fat is partly down to genetics but exercise and diet is key. Learning how to lose belly fat is a tricky subject, because it all comes down to what you eat, how you move, and especially how well you rest. Everything you know about how to lose belly fat is probably wrong! The best way to lose belly fat is to look at all the factors in your lifestyle that may be causing the problem.

The best way to lose belly fat is through a combination of cardio exercise and strength training. If getting ripped abs is on your list of priorities when it comes to your current fitness program, do not overlook the importance of your usual strength training activities. One of the biggest misconceptions about getting ripped abs is that you must spend hours doing ab work alone. This is not the case.If getting ripped abs is important to you, make sure you are engaging in plenty of strength training.

The ab muscles are what really identify someone who is serious about their fitness and diet plan, because without determination and a fair amount of effort, getting ripped abs is a goal that will never be reached. Getting ripped abs is the first thing most men try to accomplish when they start seriously working out. Getting ripped abs is possible for anyone with a real desire to do so and the persistence to keep at it. Strength training is important but getting six pack abs can be achieved faster by incorporating cardio exercises into your fitness program.

Those of you who dream of getting six pack abs can turn their dream into reality, but you do need to put in a lot of effort. Stick with it, take each day at a time and keep your eye on the end goal.

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